Great Picture with Clarisa and Heather

Two hardworking students in social studies. Finish the class ladies!

Any student needing updated grades may ask their teachers on any day for a progress report. Students it is your responsibility to stay on top of your grades and speak with staff.

Ohio Graduation Tests for juniors and seniors will be taking place during the weeks of October  23 and October 30th. If you have questions please see Mr. Hill, Mr. Popesco, or Mrs. White.

The school opens everyday by 6:30 am and closes at 5:00 p.m. On most Mondays Mr. Hill stays until 6 pm. Students there are plenty of hours to get to school. Do your job!!

Enjoy the weekend and see you October 16th.


One Comment on “Great Picture with Clarisa and Heather

  1. You are the best, Kids love you, you always know how or what to say and do for them. Congratulations on a job well done


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