The BIG FOREHEAD GUY eats more food!

The holidays are a great time of the year. There is so much to be grateful for and I do try to remember that through the entire year. I love my country, my religion, and my family. I am truly blessed with a fantastic son. Furthermore, I am extremely grateful for your sons and daughters who attend the Focus Learning Academies.

Parents, you have done a good job at home and should congratulate yourselves. There have been very few negative interactions in the school this year and when there was an incident YOUR son or daughter came back the next day and apologized or picked up the pieces and got back to work. Each day is a new day and there are never any hard feelings with staff.  People make mistakes and second chances cost the school nothing. So mom and dad, keep up the good work. The school appreciates all you do.

Keep pushing your child to come to school, read everything, and own their education. They must be willing and capable to compete with all students throughout the world. Encourage them to always accept the hard task, it only makes them stronger.  WIN the FUTURE!

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