Success at Focus

Top 5 Reasons Focus SW is the most convenient school to succeed.

  1. Building opens by 6:30 am each day and closes at 5 pm.
  2. Administrators ONLY give you the classes you need to graduate.
  3. Teachers are able to adjust assignments based off YOUR effort.
  4. YOU control YOUR pace in each class.
  5. The staff wants you to be successful, independent, and self reliant.

Top 5 Reasons students struggle at Focus SW

  1. The individual student will not think for them self or act in their best interest.
  2. Students allow cell phones and the internet to consume their time.
  3. Students do not read books or classroom materials.
  4. Students fail to learn independent academic skills.
  5. Students are too busy trying to look busy.

Students should understand every time you fail to make the most of your opportunities there is someone waiting to jump your spot. Your failure can be their opportunity. You must compete for success and every time you slack off the joke is really on you.


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