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THE OU Bobcat Paw is getting Mariha!

A great new face at the school, Mariha. If she plays her cards right and works hard maybe I will call Athens for her and see if they will take her. (They may hang up on me though. That happens a lot to me.)…

Mr. Hill and the Early Bird Crew

My Favorite Video by Dave Ramsey

This is the video that finally taught me how to handle MONEY. It only took me 44 years to learn to act my WAGE and to stop acting rich! Please clink the link to watch the video.

Popesco with the Buckeye Crew

Academic Adviser, Paul Popesco with Chandler, Olivia, Charlie, Randall, and Kay-Dee. They should be wearing the Green and White of Ohio University but allowances must be given for youth.

Ms. Jones joins the ranks as Hill supports the old Army days from a different type of school he attended!

A Great Start to College Gear Day and Cookout. Go Bobcats!!!

A few pictures of the school’s college gear day. One solid Bobcat surrounded by some NUTS! Although the lone Bobcat did wonder into Buckeye Land for his special education and masters programs. A fun week for staff and students….. NOW back to school work! …

Homecoming Week Continues

Another fabulous alumna comes back to say hello to the staff. Tria is a 2017 graduate who simply knocked it out of the park while at Focus last year. She worked a full time job and completed her classes with a lot of gusto. …


Outstanding work done by Charlie. Charlie is the sixth student finished for the May 2018 graduation ceremony. Charlie came to school everyday, spoke with teachers, and completed all assignments. If ALL students do the three things Charlie did they will graduate also. This is…

Great Picture with Clarisa and Heather

Two hardworking students in social studies. Finish the class ladies! Any student needing updated grades may ask their teachers on any day for a progress report. Students it is your responsibility to stay on top of your grades and speak with staff. Ohio Graduation…

Star Student of The Month

Donna has done a great job this school year and was almost a unanimous choice for student of the month. She has great attendance, works hard in classes, and has a WINNING ATTITUDE!