Developmental Algebra

This course is designed for the student just beginning the study of Algebra.  The topics of this course include decimals, fractions, integers, percentages, proportions and scientific notation.  This insures mastery of topics and skills necessary to begin the study of algebra. In the second half of the course, students focus on substitution, variables, solving equations, linear equations and beginning to graph equations and systems of equations.  In addition, there is an emphasis on vocabulary and acquiring test-taking skills so that students are learning the strategies and terminology necessary for success on end of course exams.


Algebra 1

This course covers the standards and topics of a traditional Algebra 1 course.  At the end of this course, students should be able to successfully pass the Algebra 1 end of course exam.  The topics in this course include functions, quadratic equations, linear equations, probability, rational numbers, solving equations, and solving systems of equations.  During this course, students will complete many activities on functions, and graphing different types of functions. They will also practice solving equations, and writing different types of equations. There is an emphasis on vocabulary  and test taking skills since students will be taking the Algebra 1 end of course exam.



This course focuses on two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects and shapes. Algebra, paper, and technology are used to explore their attributes (dimensions and properties) and manipulate them (transformations). Most of the course focuses on triangles, truly the building block of our world. Logic, proofs, and arguments are embedded in many of the lessons. A chapter on statistical probability is at the end of the course. The lessons, problems, and projects for this course prepare the student to succeed in their future career or at college.  The student who completes this course should, of course, also do well on the Geometry end-of-course exam, as well as the Ohio AIR geometry test.


Algebra 2

This course re-enforces topics covered in Algebra 1, and covers many of the topics covered in a traditional Algebra 2 course.  Topics in this Algebra 2 course include Quadratic Equations and functions, imaginary numbers, Linear Equations and functions, polynomials and polynomial functions, rational functions, statistics and probability, and transformations of functions.  Advanced students will also cover exponential functions, inverse functions, logarithmic functions, and trigonometric functions. For students who have not yet successfully passed the Algebra 1 end of course exam, this course presents an opportunity to reinforce the skills and vocabulary needed for success on the Algebra 1 end of course exam.


Consumer Math

This course allows the student to use math in real-world scenarios. The students gain math skills they can use now in their lives:

  • Cost of Owning a Car
  • Living on Your Own (budgets)
  • Grocery Comparison Shopping
  • Financial Priorities
  • Interest (savings and loans)
  • Income tax
  • Wages
  • Career packet math based on student’s future career
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