12/21/2018 Query

Victoria was born in 2007. Victoria is the same age as John. John and Mary are not twins but share the exact same birthday. How old is Mary?
Winner: TBD

11/26/2018 Query

What American president received the last rites four different times before he actually died?
John F. Kennedy
Winner: TBD

11/19/2018 Query

Which American president returned to their home state to “oversee” the execution of Ricky Ray Rector?
Bill Clinton
Winner: Sah’med Moses

10/10/2018 Query

The state of Ohio claims 8 presidents, please name them.
Last week’s winner: Sah’mad Moses
Last week’s answer: Jefferson, Adams, Monroe

10/3/2018 Query

What 3 presidents died on July 4th?
Last week’s winner: Olivia Vencent
Last week’s answer: The Gettysburg Address

9/20/2018 QUERY

What famous American “document” states, “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the Earth.” Please submit your written response to Mr. Hill by September 26th. The winner of the September 12 submissions was Jayden Burroughs.


Which American President died from complications attributed to eating cherries and drinking ice milk on a hot summer day in Washington D.C? Answer: President Zach Taylor

Answer the above question correctly and your name will be entered in a bi-weekly drawing for 5 bucks! A hard copy (hand written or typed) must be submitted to Mr. Hill by Thursday of this week. Principal Hill’s office is located on the first floor next to the steps. Good luck!

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